About Us


Born and brought up in New Delhi in Northern India, passion for food is in my blood. I developed an interest and curiosity about food at a young age watching TV cooking shows with my grandmother after school. I would try out recipes that I had learnt in my mother's kitchen whenever I could and to my mother's annoyance would watch over her and help her out in the kitchen every opportunity I got.

After moving to Germany in 2013, I dearly missed home cooked meals from back home. People around me weren't really cooking at home like we did back in India. Meals were quick fixes rather than labors of love. Food at Indian restaurants around me was unfamiliar with little resemblance to the food from back home.

Things having changed since then, with more awareness on Indian ingredients, the turmeric craze phase and more stores stocking Indian spices and ingredients like chickpea flour and asafoetida, I am excited and hopeful that this might just be the moment for Indian food to shine in the western world.

I want to show you that Indian food is more than tikka masala and bhaturas. Through indishious, I want to dig deeper into the principles and techniques behind Indian cooking. I want to document my family's recipes and share them with you so that you can also enjoy my ghar ka khana or home cooked comfort food.


A true Berliner, from the North of Berlin and with a weak spot for Currywurst. I spent most of my life eating for nutrition. Food for me was always just a means to an end. All that changed after I met Disha, who to my bewilderment spent hours in the kitchen putting together dishes from different cuisines everyday.

I quickly took on the role of taste-tester, since I am more proficient in eating than cooking. Despite being German, I very much enjoy spicy food. In fact, my spice tolerance is higher than Disha's. My favourite foods include softeis, currywurst and everything with paneer.

In addition to being the official taste-tester, I am the technical brains behind indishious. I enjoy new challenges as well as solving problems and through indishious want to explore photography and videography to bring Indian food to a wider audience.